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Oct 23, 2018

Often we hold back from offering to help make a difference because we think it might be a massive contribution of money and time, well beyond anything we could do to make any significant change in the world. Join me in my interview with Tanya Sieliakus where she shares how little it can actually cost to make...

Oct 9, 2018

Crystal Flaman admits to not being athletic as a kid. Since then she's travelled the world running marathons, triathlons and ultra-marathons and it all came down to her realization that your physical conditioning isn't what determines whether you're athletic or not. Learn what she discovered in today's podcast.

Oct 2, 2018

Every person at some point has an experience where they see how they can make a difference in the world. Scott Friedman, an internationally renowned professional speaker, shares his story of how he took action and, with Jana Stanfield co-created Together We Can Change the World.

Sep 25, 2018

In a society that pressures you to fit in, standing out as who you are can be challenging.  Being who you truly are can set you apart.  It took a lot of courage for Dana Pharant to speak out about her past as a dominatrix - and that owning who she is gives her a unique advantage in helping her clients tap into...

Sep 11, 2018

Michael Lifshitz was born with a condition called Multiple Congenital Musculoskeletal Abnormalities. In addition to wearing an artificial leg, he walks with a cane and uses a wheelchair for longer distances.  Michael, however, prefers to focus on all he has, not his challenges.  He's earned a CA and MBA and is...